Are Massage Chairs Good For You: Yes Or No? [A Fair Discussion]

Massage chairs! Massage Chairs! Massage chairs! The massage chair hype is at its peak, but what do you think are massage chairs good for you compared to a professional massage, or are there any adverse effects of a massage chair?

Many people across the globe are suffering from numerous mental and physical health issues such as anxiety, depression, lower back pain, migraine, sciatica, and many more. To control or get rid of physical pain – numerous patients prefer to get a regular massage or visit a good physiotherapist. However, those stuck in 9 to 5 hectic job hours get the recommendation of massage chairs as they are handy and accessible.

But before buying one, patients wonder whether the massage chairs pay off their price or not. Do doctors recommend massage chairs? Is massage chair good for health?

Let me tell you – yes, massage chairs are beneficial for relieving pain, and many doctors suggest them to their patients.

However, to comprehend massage chairs – their benefits, working phenomena, and other facts – dwell on this blog post!

Are Massage Chairs Good For You

Are Massage Chairs Good for You – Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

To make an honest decision on: are massage chairs good for you – let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of massage chairs.

Advantages Of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs target specific body parts, which ultimately help in reducing pain and relaxing tight knots and muscles. Massage chairs lessen stress, improve sleep, enhance mood, and whatnot. In short, a massage chair is best for those suffering from chronic stress, but before purchasing one, you should consult your physician first.

The latest massage chairs in the market support the neck, shoulders, lower back, upper back, legs, arms, and feet. Due to the continuous improvement in technology, massage chairs are becoming highly beneficial.

Let’s discuss some of the noticeable benefits! 

● Relief From The Pain

Regular use of a massage chair lessens the pain in most body parts. Massage is highly effective in the lower back, where the tight muscles mostly create problems. Many patients reveal that massage is more beneficial in reducing lower back pain than medication.

● Reduce Headaches And Migraine

People feel headaches and migraines frequently due to muscle tension. Muscle tension can be decreased or eliminated using the best massage chair.

●   Control The Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

Our hectic schedules frequently cause muscle tension in many body parts, particularly the shoulders and the neck. This tension can then intensify the reaction of someone’s SNS (sympathetic nervous system), increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. Due to hypertension, the chances of stroke, heart attack, and kidney damage increase.

Massage offers a very favorable and healthy cure for stressful situations. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). Simply put, massage chairs bring back the body’s lost balance and reduce the risk of heart attack and blood pressure.

●  Improve Body Posture

A good massage chair significantly improves balance and body posture. Frequent use of this chair corrects the displacement of the shoulders, spinal cord, and neck muscles. It is why sports personalities and actors love to use them.

Is massage chair good for health

Disadvantages Of Massage Chair

With the countless benefits, massage chairs also have a few adversities, such as;

  • Excessive use may harm tissues and sore muscles, and due to prolonged sitting, users feel tired. In short, not all chair designs are suitable for all body shapes. You need to be very conscious while selecting the one!
  • The biggest drawback of massage chairs is their hefty price tag; some even cost 1000$, such as Medical Breakthrough Human Touch Zero Massage Chair, which is recommended by more than 26 doctors, worth $10,000. Unfortunately – possibilities are – a good massage chair is not in the access to patients with a tight budget.
  • Besides cost, another negative side of massage chairs is their gigantic size and massive size. The presence of rollers, motors, and gear makes them bulky, so it becomes hard to transport them from one place to another. So before buying one, make sure you have enough space to place them. Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair and Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Lightweight Massage Chair are the best lightweight massage chairs for 2023.
  • Many users said that massage chairs are uncomfortable due to the hard surface, and the vibrating motor can sometimes be disturbing. All those having sensitive skin shouldn’t waste money on the massage chair.

Our Take

If we compare the advantages and disadvantages of massage chairs, we will acknowledge that massage chairs feature more pros than cons; hence, buying them is safe.

Remember – before buying a massage chair; it is recommended to consult your physician once and buy a top-notch chair that values your money.

So, if you are ready to buy a massage chair, you must understand some of the facts, particularly how it works!

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

are back massage chairs good for you

The market is overcrowded with numerous massage chairs, and all work in their ways, but the technology used is almost the same. 

Many chairs use vibration motors, rollers, gears, and vibration mechanisms to massage the users. The basic difference between massage chairs is the body structure and design, which targets specific body parts. The massage chair aims to offer the same type of massage given by hand but in a slightly powerful way.

Go for a comprehensive physical examination before spending money on any massage chairs because the report will identify the precise areas of the body that are more painful. It is essential to know your medical condition because many massage chairs target only some points of the neck and back; others are made using complex mechanisms that massage other body parts.

If you are feeling relief in pain, happily, some chairs offer you to limit the message intensity and speed. There are also chairs with rollers and heat pads to provide warmth to the body.

When we are talking about massage chairs vs. real massage, there is a difference between the two. It is a fact that real massage has its charm, but due to the effectiveness of the chairs, people love to try the massage chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section comprises the answers to some frequently asked by massage chair buyers; you can also crack them to resolve your queries.

Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight?

Sitting on a massage chair for 15 minutes is equal to two kilometers of jogging, which can aid in weight loss. The massage chair can also assist in increasing human metabolism and quickly remove waste from the body.

Can You Use A Massage Chair As A Regular Chair?

There is nothing wrong with sitting on the massage chair, but only for a few minutes when nothing is near you to sit. The excessive use of this chair damages the muscles, hurts the tissues, and harms the massage chair’s internal motor.

Which Is The Best Massage Chair For 2023?

As far as the best massage chairs are concerned – considering price and quality – Master Massage Rio Portable, X Rocker 5152301 Trident Pedestal, and X Rocker 5110301 Eclipse are the fantastic full body massage chairs for 2022. The massage pad for chairs is mushy, safe, and well-cushioned!

Are Massage Chairs Good For You – Final Words

The benefits of massage chairs are not hidden as they relax tense muscles, relieve pain, reduce stress levels, and offer countless other benefits. In addition, chairs are a one-time investment that the whole of your family can use multiple times a day. In contrast, going to a professional massage regularly is neither convenient nor cost-effective.

Hence, in the end, we can conclude that massage chairs are good for you but to avail the real benefits consultation with your physician and grabbing reliable massage chairs is essential.

So, hopefully, all your confusion about Are Massage Chairs Good For You is resolved, and now you are ready to buy the one for you and your family. Right?

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