What Is A Drafting Chair? What are its types, uses and benefits?

A drafting chair is a highly versatile piece of furniture that can be used in various ways. This  chair is generally used for drafting tables and other elevated surfaces that are usually higher than the standard office desk height. From working at a desk to taking a break, drafting chairs are perfect for people who need a comfortable place to sit. They come in various shapes and sizes and are available in many different materials, including wood, leather, and plastic. If you are planning to buy, be sure to learn all the details about it. In this blog, we will discuss the complete details about what is a drafting chair, plus its types and what factors you should consider while buying.

Read this article until the end and learn about drafting chairs to avoid any inconvenience while purchasing.

What is Drafting Chair and what it is used for?
Drafting Chair

What Is A Drafting Chair Explained With Picture

A drafting chair is a piece of furniture often used in the office to help increase productivity. It is a comfortable chair designed to support a person’s back and neck, making it easier to work for prolonged periods. These chairs come with adjustable height up can up to 31 inches and higher. Additionally, a drafting chair has wheels to move from one office area to another easily. It provides elevated foot support to avoid the physical stress of prolonged sitting.

What Is A Drafting Chair Used For

A drafting chair is an excellent tool for anyone working on their computer, whether for work or leisure. It provides stability and comfort while sitting in it, allowing you to stay more focused and productive. Additionally, the chair has built-in arms that make it easy to hold documents or other materials while working. Due to the adjusted height and armrest, these chairs are perfect for long-term back and neck health.

Drafting chairs come in different styles and sizes, so be sure to choose one that best suits your needs. You can also find them online or at furniture stores.

what is drafting chair?
Drafting Chair

Types Of Drafting Chairs

There are a variety of different types of drafting chairs, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some common varieties include

  • Armrests and a Padded Back.
  • Mesh Back With No Armrests.
  • Drafting Stools.
  • Leather Drafting Chairs.
  • Leaning Drafting Stools
  • Pneumatic Drafting Chair

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Advantages of Using Drafting Chairs – Health Benefits

Drafting chairs are one of the most popular furniture items in use today because they provide a wide range of unique and valuable benefits. Setting up a drafting station at home can improve your productivity by reducing physical strain and improving your accuracy when creating documents or drawings.

Some of the main advantages that are associated with using drafting chairs include:

  •  Reduced Stress on Your Back and Neck

If you spend hours sitting at a desk, your back will inevitably become tired and stiff. Drafting chairs reduce this pain by providing support for your body throughout the entire chair-back position stabilizing the blood flow to those delicate areas. Also, draft boards have large enough surfaces so that you don’t need to pivot excessively, further reducing neck muscle tension.

  • Increased Flexibility

When you sit in an office chair all day long, restrictions can slowly form in muscle groups across the entire body due to repetitive movement patterns. Drafting chairs help break these habits by providing unrestricted movement from head to toe, allowing for greater flexibility and circulation within different body parts.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

Drafting aides eliminate incorrect angles caused by human error during drawing or writing sessions – leading to improved clarity and accuracy when working with complex ideas or concepts.

  • Adjustable Height Settings That Make It Easy To Customize Your Workspace

Drafting chairs are a great way to improve your work productivity and comfort. Sitting in a comfortable chair can reduce pain from long typing hours or computer work. Additionally, drafting chairs have adjustable height settings that make it easy to customize your workspace according to your needs. You can also adjust the backrest and headrest for added support while working.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Drafting Chairs

When buying drafting chairs, always research first and consider the factors you should take into account. Below are the main factors that will help you a lot.

  1. Seat height is the most important factor. Always choose the right fit height according to your desk. Let’s suppose your desk height is 50 inches; the drafting chair’s height should be 42 inches. Ideally, it is 8 inches lower than the desk height.
  2. Width of your chair is another essential consideration. The standard seat width is between 17 to 20 inches. Meanwhile, make sure you have 2 inches gap between the knees and the front edge of the seat.
  3. Adjustable Features: It would be more convenient if drafting chairs had some adjustable features. In drafting chairs, the seat height is higher than in standard office chairs, so the metal foot ring should be adjustable.
  4. Footrest Design: Metal foot rings are the most common footrest design in drafting chairs. To provide leg support, it wraps around the post-column of drafting chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drafting Chairs

1. What is the difference between a drafting chair and office chair?

People often need clarification and help to understand the significant difference between these two chairs. Here we list some significant differences between a drafting and an office chair.

Drafting Chair Vs Office Chair – Quick Overview

Drafting ChairOffice Chair
A drafting chair is designed for use at home or in a small office setting, and it is typically lighter and more comfortable than an office chair.Office chairs are usually heavier and have more features that make them appropriate for working in an active office environment.
It also has less padding and other features that are specific to an office environment, such as a back support system.  They often come with lumbar support, armrests, height adjustments, tensioners/lowering mechanisms, Herman Miller’s ErgoLift mechanism (which helps you maintain your correct posture while sitting), seat recliners/zoom function (so you can adjust the distance between your legs while seated), casters (for easy mobility).  
A drafting chair is designed for someone who spends a lot ofe sitting down.   It has more padding and support than an office chair, which makes it easier to stay comfortable for long periods of time. An office chair, on the other hand, is generally less supportive and is better suited for people who are primarily standing rather than sitting.

2. Are drafting chairs good for you?

Drafting chairs are suitable for those who have worked with their hands for a long time. These chairs are ideal for those who work on computers all day. Drafting chairs are ergonomically designed to provide ease and comfort for prolonged sitting.

3. Can you use a drafting chair at a regular desk

Drafting chairs are not for everyone. People with regular desk height are usually not recommended this type of chair.  

4. Do drafting chairs recline?

No drafting chairs do not recline. But they may tilt forward.

Drafting chairs are like a dream come true for most of us. With this extra-comfy seat, you can comfortably focus on the task at hand without feeling any pain. Ergonomically designed for comfort and smooth movement, drafting chairs to come in different shapes and sizes to suit your taste. Plus, they are affordable too!

There you go! We covered everything that happened in the blog mentioned above about drafting chairs. Moreover, we also explained how to use them for the best results and what type of drafts are ideal for your workplace.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free not to hold back and leave a comment down below!

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