How to Reset Massage Chair: Step by Step Guide

In today’s busy and fast world, it is very difficult to find the time for relaxation and stress relief. For relaxation, many individuals can turn to using the massage chair. These chairs are very convenient and easily accessible, giving you massage therapy at home. Consequently, spending money on the massage chair is not insignificant. The massage chair is not only used for relaxation but also beneficial for health. Do you have a massage chair and are worried about how to reset massage chair? Don’t worry; in this article, we will guide you in detail, which will help you a lot. Through this comprehensive guide, you can learn the vital uses of massage chairs and how to keep them carefully.

How to Reset Your Massage Chair?

If you have a massage chair, it is very important to reset it promptly. These chairs are not reset by themselves, and you can fix them after some guidance without any expert. It’s not a tricky job to reset a massage chair. There are many types of massage chairs accessible in the marketplace. So, their working and mechanism is also different. You can use them easily by reading the user manual. Here, we are discussing some common methods that are used in every relaxation chair:


Factory Reset is a common and easiest method of resetting. It can turn your Chair into its original form and wipe out all the settings that you applied to it. By following some simple steps, you can factory reset your massage chair.

1.   Power of the Chair:

Before resetting the massage chair, firstly ensure that the Chair is off. If the Chair is in use, wait to complete the massage session and then stop it. It is the simplest method to reset the Chair. In this method, if your Chair becomes hotter, then you can turn it off and leave it for 24 hours. When the Chair is in a normal position, you can use it according to your needs. Through this method, most of the chairs reset and work normally when turned on.

2.   Unplug and Plug back the Chair:

In the second simplest method, unplug the massage chair from the electric outlet for a few minutes. After waiting for a few minutes, plug the Chair and turn it on through the button or with the remote. Through this method, you can easily resolve the issue that occurs in your Chair.

3.   Access the Reset Functions:

Some massage chairs have precise reset functions. So it is very important to know these reset functions from the chair user manual and activate them accordingly by following some steps:

  • Read the user manual carefully and determine if your massage chair has a reset function or not. If it has, then access it according to the manual. You can manage this function by the button or remote.
  • Some chairs have a reset button; by simply pressing or holding it for a few seconds, the Chair is reset.
  • If the Chair is remote controlled, then read all the instructions from the user manual and control it as mentioned on it.

4.   Restore Factory Setting:

After accessing the massage reset function, confirm the reset option as shown on the screen of the Chair. When the factory reset confirms, your Chair is set to the original default setting.

5.   Set According to Preference:

When the Chair is reset to the factory setting, you again set the Chair according to your needs and preferences. This may be massage setting, type, speed, and duration

Remote Control or Panel Reset Method:

If your massage chair has a remote control or panel control and faces some issues, then reset it easily with a few steps. One important thing is that this resetting depends on the chair model and structure.

1.   Examine the Batteries and Replace them:

First of all, check whether the remote control has active batteries or not. If the batteries are not working, then replace them with a new one.

2.   Press Reset Button:

Many remotes have the reset button on it. You can press or hold this reset button for a few seconds, such as 7-10. Confirm the reset setting.

3.   Test the Chair:

After resetting the Chair, it is ready to use, and you can operate it according to your requirements. You can do this method often after a few days.

Manual Reset Method:

When the above methods are not working, then the Manual reset method is used. This method is very deep and difficult compared to others. You can use this method by following some simple steps:

1.   Read the User Manual:

In this method, you can read the user manual of your massage chair. This will guide you well by some simple steps. Follow these steps and apply a manual reset.

2.   Understand the Reset Mechanism:

Understand the mechanism of resetting from the user manual and apply it in view of that. It may be from the control board of the Chair and others as described in the user manual. You can fix it by disassembling some parts of it.

Note: Before any manual reset, unplug the Chair from the electric outlet.

3.   Follow Clear-cut Steps:

As mentioned in the user manual, you can follow the precise steps. Manual resetting is not the same for every massage chair permitting its model and company. So, it is essential to follow the commands that the company provides.

4.   Check the Chair:

After manual resetting is completed, test the Chair and check whether the issue is resolved or not. You can also set the chair function, such as massage type, speed, and time.

5.   Reintegrate the Chair:

In the manual resetting method, if you have disassembled any part of the Chair, then reassemble all the parts of the Chair carefully, as mentioned in the user manual.

6.   Experts Help:

If you follow all the steps but the issue is not resolved, then show your massage chair to any professional expert. This method is very difficult, and you can only do it if you are confident.

Problems of Massage Chair that Solve by Reset Method:

You can solve different issues by resetting the massage chair. So it is also important to understand the different problems that may occur in your Chair, and you need to reset it. Here are some common problems that are resolved by the reset method:

Heat Problem:

It is the most common problem of many massage chairs. In this problem, when the Chair is used, it produces more heat than usual. So, the Chair becomes overheated. You can resolve this issue by simply resetting it.

Increase Noise Level:

Sometimes, while using the massage chair, there is unusual noise. This noise may cause some minor issues that are resolved by resetting the Chair. But if the noise is carried on then investigate the more problems.

Common Performance Problem:

Suppose there are any problems with the general problem of the massage chair, such as rollers issue, airbags, and problems with other parts of the Chair. All these issues are solved by the reset method.

Massage Intensity Problem:

If you feel discomfort while taking a massage or do not get the desired massage experience, then check the chair settings. If it is fixed by setting, this is well and good. Then, resolve the issue by rearranging it.

Incomplete Massage Session:

Most of the users face the problem of limited massage sessions. In this situation, an individual may not take the proper massage at the anticipated time. You can resolve the problem simply by resetting the process.

Screen Problem:

In some cases, the display screen of some massage chairs is blinking, disappearing, and other malfunctioning. So, you cannot easily control the chair settings.

Locking up Problem:

Sometimes, the massage chair becomes unresponsive and looks up during the massage session. So don’t panic. Resolve the problem by resetting the Chair.

Resetting Method of Different Brands Massage Chairs:

How to Reset Osaki Massage Chair?

You can follow some simple steps to osaki massage chair reset:

·  Unplug the chair from the main outlets.

·  Ensure that the chair is unplugged correctly.

·  Leave the chair for a few minutes until the problem is solved.

·  Then, again, turn on the chair with a power button or remote.

How to Reset Shiatsu Massage Chair?

You can reset a shiatsu massage chair according to the model of the chair. But for some common problems, follow the given steps:

·  Turn off the chair from the power button.

·  Ensure that all the components stop working.

·  Leave the chair for a few minutes and turn on it again.

·  Now your shiatsu massage chair is reset, and you can set it according to your needs.

How to Reset OSIM Massage Chair?

Reset an OSIM massage chair and solve the common problem that usually occurs. Follow the steps given below:

·  Please turn off the chair by its main menu or from the remote.

·  You can see an arrow down button on the remote, with its help open the manual option.

·  Select the massage option according to your desire.

·  You can also turn off the chair and turn it on again after some seconds.

·  Now, the chair is reset to the default setting.

Why is resetting a Massage Chair very necessary?

In many situations, the reset method of the massage chair is very helpful, especially in common issues. In this way, the Chair becomes problem-free and works properly without any disturbance. As we know, it is an electronic device, so various technical issues occur when we use the Chair. Consequently, it is important to reset the massage chair frequently. This method can also enhance the performance of the Chair. If the issue is more complicated, then contact any technical experts and guide.

Maintenance and Care:

It is very important to keep your massage chair in good condition. So you can do the regular maintenance and care of the Chair.

Cleaning the Chair:

Clean the Chair regularly and remove all the dust from it. Over this process, the Chair seems new and elegant. Always use a mild cleaner for this purpose that does not damage the outer layer of the Chair.

Cover it:

The massage chairs are used in different places such as offices and homes. So, there are many chances of stains and spots occurring on the surface of the massage chair. You can prevent these stains by simply covering the Chair with a cover.

Safe Electric Connection:

Also, ensure that the electric connection of the massage chair is secure and safe. If there is any damage that occurs in the wire and outlet, then repair it quickly.

Keep Pet Away:

If you have pets in your home, then keep those from the massage chair. By doing this, you can prevent the Chair from some huge damage and scratching.

Professional Service:

Examine the technical issues of the Chair often. If there is any serious issue, then service your Chair from the professionals and repair all malfunctions.

Some Benefits of Massage Chair:

With some resetting options, it is important to know some of the benefits of massage chairs as well. The massage chair offers numerous benefits. Some people consider it only luxury furniture and don’t know its health factors. If you use this Chair daily, you can see a very healthy impact on your life. Here are some benefits:

Overwhelmed the Pain:

You can get rid of different types of pains, such as back, neck, and joint pain, by using the massage chair. You can set the Chair allowing it to the area where you feel the pain. By taking a massage, you feel relaxed and fresh and able to do more work without any fatigue.

Release Stress:

It is the most beneficial process of a massage chair. If you are tired of doing lots of work and have a very busy routine life, you don’t have time to go to a spa and get a massage. So it is a good companion of yours at home. You can take a massage at any time and relieve your stress by its excellent stress relief tool.

Rise Immune System Functionality:

According to some studies, daily use of a massage chair increases the power of your immune system. It can increase the natural cell killer production and give a powerful immune system.

Improve Blood Flow:

It can also be helpful in blood circulation by its mechanical movement. It is beneficial for those who have blood circulation issues. It can also maintain the pressure of the blood.


In the end, I hope you understand the method of resetting the massage chair. Follow all the methods given above and also read the user manual. You can also enhance the life span of the Chair by taking care of it, such as covering it, cleaning it, and doing many other precautions. Furthermore, we also talk about the benefits of massage chairs. It is not a luxury item but also gives many benefits, such as relief of stress and pain and an increase in the circulation of blood. It is the best companion for those who have a very busy life and don’t have time for outdoor massage and spa. It can save time and money.

Overall, we provide you with a complete guide about the reset of the massage chair. You can also understand the problems that occur in a massage chair and solve the problem by following the guidance which is given to you in this article.

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