Is Rocking Chair Good for Back Pain: Reveal The Fact!

While browsing social media, I found a significant discussion on rocking chairs – many netizens were confused: Is Rocking Chair Good for Back Pain? 

However, to fix this confusion, I did extensive research and came up with an answer that a rocking chair is a reliable option to reduce back pain intensity to a large extent. When back pain sufferers gently rock back and forth on gliders, their blood flow increases, which sends oxygen to join, alleviating the arthritis symptoms, and offering huge relief. The reclined chair is also a fantastic option for spinal decompression therapy for bulging discs. 

If you want to explore more about rocking chairs and their perks for back pain sufferers, continue reading this blog and pour helpful information into your mind!

Rocking Chairs Are Exclusive To Design

There are various people across the globe suffering from severe back pain. They use medication, therapies, massage, and different types of chairs, such as office chairs, massage chairs, heated chairs, and others, to relieve back pain. Besides all these mentioned chairs, there is one more chair type – a rocking chair that can benefit people in reducing back pain.

Is Rocking Chair Good For Back Pain

After listening to this, you may find yourself back in the grandparent’s era because they mostly used these chairs to spend their luxurious me-time or read their favorite book. 

The rocking chair design is different from other ordinary chairs. A rocking chair, often known as a rocker, has two curved bands that link the legs on either side of the chair, ultimately allowing the users to move back and forth using slight shifts. These back-and-forth movements provide the spine and buttock region relief from pain. 

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Is Rocking Chair Good for Back Pain: Unfold The Truth

Busy office executives, teachers, students, gamers, or other people start feeling back pain at some point in life due to hectic schedules; this is a common scenario. But what to do now? The first thing anyone can think of is a consultation with the doctor, next is the purchase of the best chair providing enough lumbar support. But do you ever think about a rocking chair for back pain? 

The great news is that rocking chairs help reduce pain due to unfortunate accidents, arthritis, or other reasons. When you rock back and forth, the blood flow increases and oxygen reaches the joints, ultimately reducing back pain. 

Rocking on the rocking chair also enhances mobility, provides strength to the knees, heals pain from the buttock region, and is beneficial for minimizing swelling. According to experienced users, a rocking chair with lumbar support is the best option, especially for those suffering from severe lower back pain. 

Is Rocking Chair Good for Back Pain? After reading the paragraphs mentioned above, we hope you got the answer. 

Is Rocking Chair Good For Back Pain

Does Sitting For Long On A Rocking Chair Increase Back Pain?

Although rocking chairs reduce back pain, this is not the permanent solution. These chairs are relaxing as they offer back-and-forth movements. When you feel relaxed, the brain gets an endorphin boost that improves mood, eliminates stress, and minimizes pain. 

But keep in mind that these chairs don’t completely heal the pain at the musculoskeletal level. It means users can get relief as long as they rock on the chair, but as they get up, the chances are higher that the pain may return. 

Like any chair, a rocking chair can increase back issues if you sit in it for an extended period. The discs in your spine compress as you sit, increasing the pressure on them. This explains why standing causes less pain than sitting does.

It is why the experts said to use the rocking chair carefully if you already have back problems to prevent increasing them. Instead of spending the entire day in the rocking chair, use it to relieve stress before moving on with your day.

Rocking Chair Advantages: It Is Time To Get Astonished

We are sure you are no more curious about: Is rocking chair good for back pain because we already explained that this is not an ordinary piece of furniture, but the unique design provides many benefits. After reading about the benefits, your decision to buy a chair may get easier. 

Let’s see some of the benefits of rocking chairs. 

1: Best For Reducing Stress And Anxiety

Almost all rocking chairs give you a feel of swing by offering smooth, calm back-and-forth movements that release endorphins. When endorphins are released, the mood gets better, lowering stress and depression. 

According to a survey, 3/13 people have improved in delusions, Anxiety, Agitation, Hallucinations, Depression, Euphoria, Appetite, and eating disorders due to rocking chairs. 

Is Rocking Chair Good For Back Pain

2: Good For Reducing Insomnia

People mostly ask: Is Rocking Chair Good for Back Pain? Yes, they are, but surprisingly these chairs have many more benefits, such as treating insomnia and fighting against dementia. 

We all know that rocking back and forth is relaxing and makes a person fall asleep quickly. It also reduces stress, so we can confidently say that rocking chairs are more beneficial for people suffering from sleeping problems for a long time.

Is Rocking Chair Good For Back Pain

Even people with dementia can benefit from rocking chairs. Numerous studies found that people with dementia get great emotional and psychological wellness while rocking on these chairs; particularly, many seniors have recovered from anxiety, depression, and tension within six weeks of its use.

3: Alternative Of Exercise

Many people love to add rocking chairs to their rooms to enjoy soothing hours alone. Another interesting fact is that sitting on a rocking chair burns at least 150 calories in an hour, which is an excellent option for those who hate going for workouts frequently. It functions as a light exercise and gets the blood moving.

Is Rocking Chair Good For Back Pain

4: Best Option For New Parents

There is no second thought in saying that rocking chairs have calming effects on babies and ultimately help them to fall asleep quickly.

Additionally, rocking fosters the link between parents and children. Some studies indicate that rocking a baby can improve their social, emotional, and cognitive, physical growth.

Is Rocking Chair Good For Back Pain

Rocking is thought to hasten the healing process for new mothers who have a cesarean section. The same holds for those who are healing from any form of surgery.

There are numerous other benefits of rocking chairs besides these advantages. But these chairs also have some disadvantages, let’s discuss them. 

Rocking Chair Disadvantages

It is a fact that rocking chairs have more advantages than disadvantages, so feel confident to buy one for relieving back pain. But still, everything has some perks and pitfalls, even if they are minor; the same goes for the rocking chairs. 

1: Not Easy To Store

Rocking chairs are not ordinary chairs with four legs and two arms, they are curvy, and the legs are also different. Most of them are made of pure wood, due to which they are not only heavier but also large in size. The size and weight make the rocking chairs difficult to transport and store. 

2: Hefty Price Tag

It is not easy to buy a rocking chair due to the hefty price tag, so if you are tight on budget, try something else. 

3: Need A Lot Of Space

You cannot find a small rocking chair; usually, a regular rocking chair is much larger than a standard garden chair. Due to this drawback, you must ensure that the rocking chair has the needed area on your balcony, in your room, or your garden.

By the way, this includes the space in front and behind the seat and the seat itself. Rocking back and forth in the rocking chair is crucial; in fact, the advantage of a rocking chair is only possible if you have that space in the garden, room, lounge, or balcony.

Our Take

If I compare the advantages and side effects of rocking chairs, it is pretty clear that rocking chairs are power-packed furniture items that have more perks as compared to disadvantages. So, investing in them to relieve the pain is a safe option!

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Best Rocking Chair For Lower Back Pain

If you are still wondering: Is Rocking Chair Good for Back Pain? Then no need to be upset more, because after trying one of the below-mentioned chairs you can feel the difference by yourself.

  1. ACME Butsea Rocking Chair 
  2. Christopher Knight Home
  3. Devion Furniture Rocking Chair
  4. Christopher Knight Home Brent
  5. POLYWOOD R100WH Presidential Rocking Chair

The Bottom Line

A colossal confusion is found about rocking chairs – people often confound: Is Rocking Chair Good for Back Pain? should they invest in a rocking chair or not? I have compiled this article to clear this mess, and my ultimate sum is that investing in a rocking chair is a safe deal as it really – directly or indirectly – helps to recover from back pain.

For more information, you can go through this article from top to bottom and explore more about rocking chairs.

  1. What type of rocking chair is best for back pain?

    The best type of rocking chair for back pain is one that provides proper lumbar support, has a comfortable seat and backrest, and allows for a full range of motion. Look for chairs with padded seats and backrests, as well as adjustable features like seat height and angle.

  2. Are there any risks associated with using a rocking chair for back pain?

    While using a rocking chair can be beneficial for back pain, it’s important to use it properly and in moderation. Prolonged sitting in any position can put stress on the spine and exacerbate existing back pain. Make sure to take breaks and stretch periodically, and avoid overusing the chair.

  3. Are there any other benefits to using a rocking chair?

    Yes, using a rocking chair has been shown to have a number of health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and increasing circulation. It can also be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time.

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