Why Massage Chairs Are So Expensive: Mystery Resolved!

Despite knowing that massage chairs are packed with ultra-modern features, super-lavish style, high-tech features, and Avant-grade specifications, many buyers wonder Why Massage Chairs are so EXPENSIVE?

Let me tell you – whether you buy used massage chairs or a new brand; the price will stay on the higher side. However, it is always worth spending a one-time heavy amount on these chairs instead of wasting heavy bucks on professional massages.

Actually, massage chairs, due to their high comfort level, soothes both the mind and body, protect you from regularly visiting the hassle of massagers, and offer the edge of getting a fantastic massage in the comfort of home. So, being expensive is justified! Isn’t it?

Dive into this blog post and unfold the factors that are the real culprit for making these chairs expensive.

After covering this blog’s entire journey, we hope you will utter that the price of massage chairs is fully justified, excluding some particular brands!

After covering this blog’s entire journey, we hope you will utter that the price of chairs for massage are fully justified, excluding some particular brands!

why massage chairs are so expensive

Why Massage Chairs Are So Expensive?

Therapists and general users use massage chairs to relieve pain from the lower back, thighs, neck, shoulders, and spine region. Many people buy them for home as they are filled with many advanced features and technologies. For those who are worried about their hefty price tag, no worries; we have covered many causes which make them too costly.

Let’s check them out! 

Reason 1: The Presence Of Limited Manufacturer Brands

Massage chairs are only affordable for some buyers; otherwise, these chairs are a hefty investment. Due to the myth of high prices, the demand for these chairs is less, and so are the manufacturers. Mostly if you consult experienced users, they will tell only a few names of reputable manufacturers.

Due to limited buyers and less market coverage, the brand adds additional shipping costs along with the actual price. Many manufacturers are based in the US and other developed countries, and the currency exchange rate also affects the price.

Reason 2: State-Of-the-Art Technology

Massage-specified chairs are not ordinary; they are filled with numerous ultra-modern and high-tech features making them heavier and much more effective for users suffering from lower back pain, sciatica, spine issues, and more.

All those features are designed using state-of-the-art technology; after all, the end goal is to cater to all target audiences’ needs in the best possible way.

Remember that some massage-centered chairs allow you to control the speed so the users will control the massage intensity as per their needs, while others are different in design and size.

The brand does not just straightaway choose any new technology and add it to the chair; this process needs thorough investigation and keen observation, which is done by its highly qualified research and development team.

Manufacturers set high prices to cover the cost they spend on making the most advanced massage chairs.

Reason 3: Pertains Futuristic Features

When we try to figure out why massage chairs are so expensive? We have come up with something exciting. Yes, their futuristic features are one of the reasons why they are only affordable for some.

Massage chairs are manufactured using many advanced components, such as digital, electronic, and mechanical features. Collectively these features provide tons of advantages to the users. Some features are yoga stretching, user memory, heating feature, rollers, zero gravity, auto programming, air massage, advanced technology, and much more. If you are wondering how these features contribute to the overall health of the users, stay along because below, we discuss them in detail one-by-one.

Below are some exclusive features of massage chairs that elaborates on Why Are Massage Chairs So Expensive!

Noticeable Features That Make Massage Chairs So Expensive

Massage chairs are designed with countless features, mechanisms, parts, and options that set them apart from random chairs and help them deliver ultimate comfort to the users. The other way around, these specifications become the factors of elevating the recliner chairs’ price.

The most exclusive features are:

●      Zero gravity

All massage chairs and other furniture made using the zero gravity feature offer the best reclining positions so that the body receives maximum comfort. Modern-day massage chairs are manufactured using this highly advanced technology, and this is the reason why massage chairs are so expensive. These chairs place the user’s legs in a higher position, relaxing them and healing the whole body, especially the back.

why massage chairs are so costly

●      Full Body Scanning

Most massage chairs employ whole-body scanning technology to ensure you receive the appropriate massage therapy. These chairs scanned the body and changed the settings to allow the rollers to reach the desired body regions.

what makes massage chairs so expensive

Many chairs-for-massage also offer a high level of customization, which tends to be more expensive than others. For your ease, we love to mention the massage chair Costco Canada where you will get the massage chairs at a reasonable price.

Are you still curious to explore why are massage chairs so expensive? We have shed light on more fun factors to explain!

●      2D, 3D, and 4D Rollers

Massage chairs feature roller movements of different dimensions – 2D, 3D, and 4D; 2D moves horizontally and vertically. Along with left to right, up and down, 3D chairs also move in and out to different depths. At the same time, 4D offers rhythm via alternating speeds, the same as a massage given by human therapists to their patients.

Mynta Massage Chair is the best 3D SL-track full-body massage chair that is effective for the legs, waist, hip, neck, and back. Similarly, Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro offers 8 unique auto-programs, foot & calf kneading massage, zero gravity position, space-saving design, SL track roller design, Bluetooth connection for HD speaker, quick control & USB charger, backrest scanning, 6 massage styles, and whatnot.

why massage chairs are so expensive

●      Air Massage Technology

The airbags of the massage offer rolling, kneading, and compression to the human body. They are great for relieving pain in the thighs, waist, neck, shoulders, lower back, and arms. The most costly massage-specified chairs increase the number of airbags to provide users with next-level comfort.

In addition to the above-mentioned perks, massage-oriented chairs also offer Customizable Programming and User Memory Option, Space Saving Features, Yoga Stretching Availability, and Multiple Auto Programming Options to users.

interior features of massage chair

●      Heated Massage Chair

Heated massage chairs are a great addition for all those suffering from severe back pain. These chairs are manufactured to provide sustained and gentle heat to some body parts to relieve tension and pain. They have a complex arrangement of scissors, rollers, and motors controlled by the operating system of the chair. These exceptional eating elements aligned to the lumbar and lower back parts because mostly the muscles are more compressed there. Many chairs in the massage category also add heating components to footrests. 

heated massage chair
Note: If you are looking for ergonomic chairs that can offer you comfort and reduce your back pain, you can read Best Chairs For Sciatica-Back Pain!

The Bottom Line

Massage chairs get rid of waiting time, offer personalized massage features, maintain privacy, and bring numerous health benefits that spas are deprived of, many times. A massage chair effectively improves blood circulation, promotes mental relaxation, and maintains better sleep. So, while enjoying these health benefits, you can also play your favorite music and craft a healing ambiance at any nook of your home. Seems super-awesome!

Hopefully, now you will have no curiosity regarding: why are massage chairs so expensive!

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