How to identify EKORNES Chair: Complete Guide

Everyone wants to buy a chair for their office or home that meets their comfort level and is also designed elegantly with high-quality material. So, in the world of chairs and furniture, Ekornes is the largest and most popular furniture manufacturing company. This company is situated in the Nordic region. This company started its business in 1934, and its main office is in Sykkylven, the city on Norway’s west coast. This company commits to durability, excellence and perfection.

Stressless and IMG are two brands of Ekornes that produce elegant and comfortable reclining chairs and sofas. Ekornes’ stressless recliner chair is not only a piece of furniture but also the comfiest and coolest friend in your place. In this article, we will guide you about how to identify Ekornes chair and also give you tips which are very helpful for you when you want to buy an original Ekornes chair. You can identify an Ekornes chair by its Stressless logo, mentioned model number, extreme comfort level, adjustable features, weightlessness, high-quality upholstery, and unique bases.

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How to Identify Ekornes Chair?

Many people are confused about identifying an original Ekornes chair. So we are here to guide you through a simple, Guniune and easy way after thorough research.

Considerate the Model:

By easily understanding the Ekornes chair’s model, specifications, and design, you can easily identify the original chair. If you don’t have the proper brand information, finding the product you want isn’t easy. So, get the proper chair model information and proceed further.

1.   Check Ekornes Logo:

ekornes chair logo

This is the straightforward way to identify an Ekornes chair. You can easily find the Stressless and IMG brand logo on the top side of the backrest and armrest. The logo of Ekornes is very visible on their furniture. The purpose of this logo is to mark the authentication and quality of the company.

2.   Distinctive Designs:

You can also differentiate Ekornes chairs from others by their signature look and distinctive design. They made their chairs by understanding the proper form and function. Here are some key design elements of Ekornes chair:

Stylish Curve and Base: The Ekornes Stressless chair has an elegant base and curve that enhance the visual appeal. The base has a 3600 rotate function that contributes to enhancing comfort. The base of these chairs is usually made with premium wood and somehow comes in steel

Ergonomic Shape Design: Ekornes also produces strong ergonomic shape chairs that give a very relaxed feel during work. So look at the chairs that meet with your relaxation mode.

3.   Premium Material:

Ekornes chair does not compromise with the premium material. They produce chairs that meet not only with comfort but also with durability. A glimpse of the material:

Top-gain Leather: The upholstery of Ekornes stressless chair is made with high-quality leather. They especially use the leather of Brazil and Italy, which is famous for this. The first-class leather not only increases the chair’s visual appearance but also enhances the product’s age.

Durable Frames: Ekornes chairshave durable frames you can easily lift or turn. This brand is famous for its strong manufacture.

4.   Comfy Features:

Ekornes chair also meets with the huge paramount of comfort. They use different innovative mechanisms to make their chairs cozier. The chairs of the stressless model of Ekornes are famous due to their flexible recline feature. With this feature, you can set your chair in the position you feel more comfortable in.

Furthermore, their built-in lumbar support and other luxury features make them more convenient. Sitting on this chair allows you to do a long period of work without feeling tiredness or back pain. It can also have gild features that provide the chair rocking motion, and you can move it in 3600.

5.   Manufacturing:

The Ekornes chairs are designed with expertise and high-quality materials. The company’s main motive is not only beauty but also top concern with durability. You can identify the Ekornes chair by checking their crafting. You can notice the following things:

Sewing or Stitching: When you see an original Ekornes chair, you first notice the elegant sewing on the upholstery. The durable stitching enriches the beauty of the chair.

Wood Quality & Work: Its quality woodwork also identifies Ekornes chairs. If you want to buy a wood-made chair, check the wood quality. Stressless chairs usually use the beech and Oak woods.

Finishing: These chairs have a magnificent finish that attracts the customer toward it. You can also see all the parts are equally arranged and fit.

6.   Stretch out Tool:

The stressless chairs have the feature of stretch-out or recline. In this type of chair, you can find a lever button. Through this button, you can fix the chair position that you require. This feature can also be a sign to identify the Ekornes chair. Also, check the working of the chair and test all its features so that it operates smoothly and properly without any difficulty.

7.   Check the Serial Number and Label:

You can find Ekornes’s serial number or label on the back side and bottom of the chair. If you do not find the label, search for it in other places on the chair. When you find the serial number, note the number and check it on the official website of the Ekornes. Over this process, you can check the authentication of the chair.

Note: Check the label carefully in places such as cushion back, legs and arms.

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Method of Checking the Serial Number on the Official Website of Ekornes:

Here are the methods of checking the serial number of the chair by following some simple steps are as follow:

Visit the Official Website:

Go to the official website of the Ekornes, and go to the checking of serial number and chair authentication section. Here you can do some steps:

  1. Enter the serial number on the bar, and follow the instructions according to the site.

2. When you enter the serial number, a confirmation message is delivered to you, whether the chair is original.

3. If the Ekornes tool does not give a clear result, contact Ekornes’s customer support center.

Warranty and Documentation:

The authentic chair has the proper documentation and warranty. The warranty and documentation have some meanings.

Warranty Card:

The warranty card of Ekornes gives the surety of the product quality. The company has complete confidence in its product’s performance. You can buy a chair without worrying about its damage and repair.


You can also get the product manual with the Ekornes chair in which all the instructions and guidelines are mentioned. You can straightforwardly maintain your chair performance. By reading the guidelines, you can operate it well.

Additional Tips and Guidelines:

Here are some additional tips and suggestions. By following them, you can identify the Ekornes chair easily. Some of them are:

Measure and investigate the Chair Size:

First, you select the model and design of the Ekornes chair you want to purchase. Stressless chairs come in different sizes and designs. After selection, measure the chair width, height and depth and then compare all the measurements with the official specifications you get from Ekornes’s official site. In this way, you can identify whether the chair is genuine.


Sitting on Ekornes’s chair makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable because of their mild rocking action and balancing base. Due to its lightweight, the individual can easily move the chair anywhere.

Innovative Mechanism:

The brand can provide innovative designs and techniques for their customer’s comfort. You can find many features in these chairs rather than others. The stressless recliner chairs offer a lever button that controls the position of your chair. So, identify an Ekornes chair by its innovative features.

Superior Cushioning:

The company can also use a superior type of foam for cushioning. The foam is molded according to your body’s movement and cannot put extra pressure on the body. The cushion is very suitable for those who have more setting work.

On the other hand, the ordinary chair uses very hard and uncomfortable foam that irritates your body while moving on it. So this is also a sign to identify the genuine Ekornes chair. 

Consult with Furniture Expert:

If you are not identifying the chair after following the process, you go to any Ekornes furniture expert. Tell him the model of the chair and the specifications and also see the picture. So he can give you better and more important information about the identification. In this way, you can remove the confusion in your mind.

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Chair Brands Types of Ekornes Company:

Ekornes is a very popular furniture manufacturing company in the world that introduces two brands of chairs. These brands are:


This brand is well-known for its durable recline chair. These chairs come in different models, sizes, and designs. You can find a variety such as sofas, office chairs, and relaxation chairs. Some famous recliner chairs are:

·       Classic recliner

·       Leg comfort

·       Consul

·       View

·       Duo Balance

·       High Back

·       ErgoAdapt


IMG is also a furniture manufacturing brand of Ekornes that offers elegant and versatile furniture. It can also work with other furniture manufacturing designers. It can also provide the following chairs:

·       Lounge Chairs

·       Scandinavian Recliner

·       Power Sofas

·       Arm Chairs

Common Factors of Stressless Chairs:

We discuss the common factors of stressless recliner chairs that you must know before using them.

Gild Factor:

It is the most common factor of a stressless chair. By using this factor, you can easily adjust the angle and setting position according to your comfort zone.

Headrest Factor:

The stressless chairs can also offer the factor of an adjustable headrest. You can adjust your head on the top side and take a relaxing nap. You can also say that you should set the chair on the sleeping mode.

Pantene Factor:

In this factor, you can easily move from one place to another without moving the whole body. In this type of stressless chair, powerful wheels are attached at the bottom of the chair. The movement of the chair depends on these wheels.

Foot rail Factor:

Many chairs have the factor footrest where you can put your legs on the footrail. If you work for a long time in your office and feel very tired, then you can put your legs on the rail and do your work efficiently without fatigue.

Reduce the Stress:

The Ekornes stressless chairs are suitable for both homes and offices. If you come home from work and feel tired but want to do more work, these chairs are the best options. It can reduce the tiredness of work, reduce stress, and feel self-serving.

Pros and Cons of Ekornes Chairs:


·       More comfortable and durable than the normal chairs.

·       Offers the customized option through which you can design your chair according to your requirements.

·       Offers innovative designs and styles that grab the attention of customers.

·       Design with premium materials and ideas and also provides a recliner feature.


·       They are more expensive than other ordinary chairs.


In the above, we discuss different ways to find the Ekornes chair, such as checking the company’s logo, material quality, advanced features, size and designs. The most authentic and best way to identify an Ekornes chair is to check the authentication of the chair by going to the company’s official website.

Moreover, these stressless recliner chairs offer different factors such as gild, footrest and stress reduction. It is an expensive brand, but it increases the value of your workspace or home where you place it. We give you one important suggestion: don’t spend so much money on low-quality furniture. For a long time, it is a pleasure to invest in Ekornes furniture and enjoy its comfort. After reading all the information, decide wisely and spend your money on peace and quality.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Stressless and ordinary chairs?

Stressless is the brand of Ekornes company where all chairs are popular due to their high-quality material and innovative features like a glide system and more conformity. But in ordinary chairs, these features are not available so far.

What is the suggested weight limit of the Ekornes chair?

Ekornes provides the weight limit according to the chair model. So, you can read the specifications carefully before buying a chair.

What is the estimated lifetime of Ekornes chair?

It depends on how you use the chair and take care of it. However, Ekornes chairs are durable and last many years without damage.

Does Ekornes offer the option of customization?

Yes, Ekornes Company offers the option of customization. You can use the leather quality, material, color and size according to your requirements.

Where do I get the replacement parts for an Ekornes chair?

You can purchase replacement parts such as cushions, swivel rings and more from its official site. You can also buy them physically from the nearby Ekornes chair store.

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